Feel better. Move better. LIVE better.


You aren’t broken or even past your prime.



You just need a little help on your healing journey.



Because your body isn’t just some elaborate machine.



It’s your vehicle for experiencing a fulfilling life.



Whether you’re checking off items on your to do list, or conquering your dreams on your bucket list, the secret to a passion-filled life, is a pain-free body.


A session at Live Better Wellness isn’t your average massage. Or average yoga class. Or average coaching session. Or average anything.


It’s your ticket to a life well lived and body that supports all that encompasses.



Hi. I’m Meredith, owner of Live Better Wellness.

And my job is to facilitate your healing.



The human body’s natural mode is healing. I help you get there through intelligent bodywork and movement therapy and by inspiring you to take your healing beyond my office and into your daily life. Together we create the optimal conditions that your body needs to heal.



This isn’t about surviving. It’s about THRIVING.



I’ve spent the past 10+ years studying anatomy & physiology, movement, bodywork, body-mind practices, mindset, and lifestyle design. I’ve studied innovative modalities with some of the best teachers in the U.S., so that I can integrate them all into a holistic approach to improving human performance.


YOUR performance.


Persistent chronic pain and anxiety led me in search of the most effective techniques to move beyond pain and stress and live better in my body.


I learned from my own pain and dysfunction, so that I can help you with yours.


My goal is to listen to you, watch how you move, and work with you through movement and bodywork to make improvements.


Even more importantly, I want you to understand what is happening in your body and empower you with the tools for proper self-care.


And because we can’t address the BODY without also addressing the MIND, mindfulness and mindset are key components to our work together. 


Together, we’ll make you RESILIENT. Because you have a lot of living left to do. 







My initial coaching session with Meredith focused on clarifying my goals and taking steps towards reaching the balanced lifestyle I envisioned for myself and my family. At that time, my energy was scattered and I felt overwhelmed. I needed to focus but did not know how to move out of the exhausting cycle I’d found myself stuck within. Meredith provided just what I needed to move into a more productive, creative, and peaceful place. Her voice as a coach pushed me forward into the direction I desired to go.

Brianne Phillips


Licensed Massage Therapist, PA MSG013228

Neurokinetic® Therapist, Level 2 Certified

Yoga Tune Up® Certified Teacher

Certified Lifestyle Design Coach

Experienced Certified Yoga Teacher with advanced training in Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga for the Special Child.

Master’s of Intercultural Management with Specializations in Training & Development, The School for International Training, World Learning, Brattleboro, VT

B.A. in International Business, Simmons University, Boston, MA