Back Magic

a natural approach to managing back pain


Common medical approaches to back pain not working?


Try evidence-based, holistic practices to feel and move better. 




Does back pain keep you awake at night?
Does it interfere with your ability to do what you love?
Have you tried standard medical treatments and STILL have pain?
Did you know that recent studies have shown that alternative treatments, such as movement, yoga, massage and mindfulness are more effective and safer than surgery, opioids, or steroids?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, and want a safe, holistic approach to back pain, this program may be right for you!

I wanted to let you know I love the class- I feel such an inner peace since starting… I feel better physically and hope you are having another local class in the new year!”

Donna Peteja

Stroudsburg, PA

This program includes classes with expert instruction in proven back care strategies in video, audio, and LIVE formats.

Your instructor for this series is Meredith Hutter, licensed massage therapist, Yoga Tune Up® teacher, and Neurokinetic® Therapist with years of experience working with students with chronic pain. She will guide you through innovative practices that combine corrective movement, yoga, breath work, self-massage and more — all proven effective in reducing back pain and restoring function — so you feel, move, sleep, and LIVE better!

I joyfully gained so much more than I expected from Meredith’s classes as she brings her seemingly unending knowledge and her peaceful persona to her yoga classes. She is tuned in to each and every student and teaches the class to fit everyone’s needs and levels. She explains how each pose helps us both physically and mentally and adds beautiful nuggets of wisdom throughout the class. It is clear that her mission is to purely help people engage in yoga and experience the benefits of mental & physical health and well being that it offers. I am now an advocate of yoga practice but more so of Meredith as I have never had such an inviting and invigorating class of the many classes I’ve attended at different venues.

Mary Campagna

Stroudsburg, PA


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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my coaching sessions with Meredith. Once we began though, I quickly realized how beneficial her coaching was for my life. …I was overwhelmed trying to balance the demands of daily life. Meredith outlined strategies to help organize my busy schedule. Each week, Meredith would check in and hold me accountable for the goals we set during our prior conversation. I knew that if I hadn’t followed my plan for “me time,” Meredith would call me on it. I feel the greatest benefit I gained from working with Meredith, is a stronger knowledge on how to better organize all the little things. I don’t feel so wound up all the time, and as a result, it has trickled down to my kids – they seem calmer as well. Also, she reminded me to cut myself some slack, and to not be so hard on myself all the time. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Meredith for anyone looking to regain focus in their life.

Rachael K.

Photographer, Nazareth, PA

Thank you so much for the coaching session! It was amazing to me how the “right questions” could put everything

regarding my choices into perspective.

Sometimes when we are in the middle of our situations, we can not clearly see the way to our own happiness. The session
with you helped me to see that the solution, which I thought was complicated and difficult to reach, was actually in my own hands
the whole time.



Pam L.

Yoga Teacher

My initial coaching session with Meredith focused on clarifying my goals and taking steps towards reaching the balanced lifestyle I envisioned for myself and my family. At that time, my energy was scattered and I felt overwhelmed. I needed to focus but did not know how to move out of the exhausting cycle I’d found myself stuck within. Meredith provided just what I needed to move into a more productive, creative, and peaceful place. Her voice as a coach pushed me forward into the direction I desired to go.

Brianne P.