Mastering Your Mindset:


A HUGE part of enjoying your life, post-diagnosis, relies upon having a positive mindset. I’ve talked about mindset in previous posts, and I will continue to in future posts, so I’m not going to go too deeply into it here, but here are a few things to think about and put into practice.


Start a gratitude practice NOW. I mean it. Count your blessings. Focus on the positive things in your life, no matter how small they might seem. Do this DAILY. Forever.


My gratitude practice consists of me mentally listing all the things for which I am grateful before I go to bed at night, as I am lying in bed.  I run through the day’s events and list everything I can think of.  I make sure to come up with at least three items.


You might choose to keep a gratitude journal instead.  Another beautiful way to practice gratitude is to make it a family affair at dinnertime.  There are all kinds of options here, but the important thing is to foster in yourself an attitude of gratitude.  You won’t take things for granted anymore and will develop a sense of inherent joy.  So powerful!


Practice mindfulness. Learn to be in the present moment. Don’t dwell on future uncertainties or past events.  Instead of dwelling on the “What if?,” focus on the “What now?” BE HERE NOW. This is where the magic happens.


Meditation and yoga are two great ways to develop mindfulness, but there are other ways.  Explore ways that resonate most with you.


Create a self-care schedule and stick to it. Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. I know you are busy, there are people relying on you, you have no money and even less time. It doesn’t matter. Taking care of YOU needs to be number one on your priority list. If it isn’t, you won’t really be able to take care of anyone else.


Don’t let your diagnosis define who you are. It is just a label, and you are much, much greater than that.


Find a passion for something. Set goals for yourself that have nothing to do with your diagnosis, and take some action towards achieving them every day. In other words, live your life. Love it. Every moment.


This is the fourth and final installment in this series, Dealing with a Diagnosis.  You can read the other parts here, here and here.   


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