This isn’t my usual topic for a blog post.  I’m not sure why I am sharing this piece of writing with you, but I feel compelled to do so.  I also feel a little repelled by the idea, but that is just fear talking. See, this post is all about me.


Sure, I write about myself and my life a lot, but it’s always in the context of health or self-care, etc.  Usually what I share about my life, I do so because I think it will help you with your own challenges.  But this post is different. It’s just me – naked on the page for the blogosphere to see, criticize, ridicule.  Want to know a secret?  I’m actually a really private person.  But I’m sharing this post anyway because I’m feeling kinda brave right now.


This morning I downloaded a worksheet called “The Great I Am” by the beautiful and talented Alexandra Franzen.  The worksheet (which I recommend you download and complete as soon as you finish reading this post!) instructs you to declare who you are and why it matters without overthinking it.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I overthink almost everything!  But let me tell you, the power of this worksheet really is in doing it quickly.  Answering from your heart, not your head.  Wow.


So I am sharing with you my completed worksheet.  Just because I hope it inspires you to do this exercise, too.  So that you can totally fall in love with yourself and be blown away by your own amazing-ness. So you can declare to the world – and to yourself – your brilliance!  Own that shit!


(Deep breath…here goes:)


Q & My A’s from The Great I Am


I am a …cheerleader, strategist, coach for the woman who craves more from herself and her life.


But really, I’m a …grantor of wishes, fairy godmother, get-to-yes dreamer!


I am amazing at …generating fabulous ideas, inspiring, bringing clarity to confusion, light to darkness, making the difficult easy.  My superhero name is The Illuminator.


And I’ve devoted most of my life to …learning and teaching, planning and creating.


When you work with me, you can expect …to be excited about your life again; to get crystal clear on what you want and why; to be the woman you always dreamed of being.


And you’ll probably be surprised & delighted by …my ability to make serious work feel like play; how I totally “get” you.


My work matters because …when you shine, the world is a better place for everyone.


And I am here to remind you that …you have an incredible gift that you can – and must! – share with the world…you are amazing and unique and beautiful!


My question for you is …What would truly make you happy.


To sum it up? I am …  Perfectly imperfect.  In other words, the woman I always hoped to be.


Here’s a little to do list for you:

1.  Complete The Great I Am worksheet. Go!

2.  Come back and share in the comments what you learned by doing this exercise.


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