Q: Want less pain and stress, more ease and joy?

A: Me + You + Online one-on-one sessions

Can’t make it to a local class?


Want a class focused 100% on your needs and goals?


Private classes in my online studio are the fast-track solution to feeling better body, mind, and spirit.


Sale on online sessions! 20% off all purchases of 4 or more sessions. 




I love Meredith’s positive attitude! Practicing with her is always fun and informative. She has a great knowledge of how the body’s anatomy works, and is able to offer modifications to poses, and to guide you through a practice that works for you despite any pain or limitation that you may be experiencing on that particular day. I believe that anyone living with pain would benefit from taking yoga. The more classes that you take, the more skills you will learn to be able to live each day more easily.

Pam Lavelle

Bushkill, PA


These sessions combine yoga, functional movement, and myofascial release work, with mindfulness and mindset practices in a therapeutic, yet uplifting style. Since they are 100% tailored to each student, they are suitable for all fitness levels, including those who have some physical limitations.

A customized practice guide is included in packages of 4 or more sessions and includes specific assignments and helpful suggestions for developing your healthy movement and mindset outside of our scheduled meetings. Videos, audio recordings, and printable worksheets are included in the guide.



People with autoimmune issues, chronic pain, anxiety, and beginners to yoga will gain the most from one-on-one sessions with Meredith.



Purchase 4 or more sessions and receive 20% off the total cost.*

*Regular price = Single 60 minute session is $70. A minimum of four sessions (60 minutes each) must be purchased at one time to receive the promotional 20% off pricing. All sessions must be used within one year of purchase date. 



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Meredith is a person who is beautiful inside and out; not only does she swing on a star, but she is a star! Her quality of training and the experience she provides was exceptional. I look forward to visiting another one of her seminars. Thanks very much! Peace


North Wales, PA