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Feel better — body, mind, and spirit.


The power is within you.


Because it’s not just your health…


It’s your future.






If you want to take back control of your health and wellbeing through embodied wellness practices designed just for your body and your circumstances…


I’m here for you.




Meredith has given me more time and attention than the 3 orthopedic doctors and 3 different chiropractors I’ve seen in the 5 years that I’ve experienced low back/right hip pain. She has given me the tools and support needed to be an active participant in my own healing, strengthening and body awareness. I am so grateful.

McKenzie M.

Dingmans Ferry, PA



Select from a variety of services, either in person or online, to find the right fit for you. 

Integrative Movement Therapy/NKT® & Relaxation Massage

If an injury, whether short or long term, is interfering with your ability to sleep, work, or enjoy life, private sessions of Integrative Movement Therapy and NeuroKinetic Therapy® will help to uncover and treat the root causes of dysfunction. Get long-lasting results quickly with this integrated approach. 

And to soothe your nervous system and reduce pain and stress naturally, schedule a personalized Relaxation Massage today!

Online Therapeutic Movement Private Sessions

Transform your health and wellbeing!

You will love personalized one-on-one therapeutic movement sessions right in your own home, no matter where you live. Work with me privately on a holistic program of mindful movement created just for you and your unique goals. If pain or physical limitations have held you back in group classes, or you just want more dedicated support to reach your goals, schedule a free consultation today.


MindBody Movement Small Group Classes

Achieve greater wellness and vitality through therapeutic mindbody movement classes!

Throughout the year I offer various series, workshops, and retreats that combine functional and rehabilitative movement, yoga, mindfulness, and mindset for living better — body, mind and spirit. 

Past topics have included chronic pain, back pain, autoimmune illness, and deep relaxation/stress relief. 

Learn about dates and information on all upcoming events, as well as how to schedule workshops for your studio, corporation, or retreat center.

“Meredith is a person who is beautiful inside and out…she is a star! Her quality of training and the experience she provides was exceptional. I look forward to visiting another one of her seminars. Thanks very much! Peace.”

Ben, North Wales, PA